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Corporate Profile

Textile Pretreatment Agent-low-temperature scouring and bleaching agents
Product description:

New environment-friendly low-temperature
scouring and bleaching agents GR-F106

Introduction to functions

Low-temperature scouring and bleaching agents GR-F106 composed by imported special components surfactants, activator, is our company and foreign companies research and development of the latest environment low temperature pretreatment,mainly used in the pretreatment process of knitted cotton or polyester cotton.

  • Realize the true significance of low temperature pretreatment,treated each performance index reach and surpass traditional craftsmanship.
  • Pretreatment composite cost can be sharply reduced.
  • Dyeing property of increased brightness,improves product auqlity.
  • Fibres which are not suitable for high temperature pretreatment,such as:soybean fibers,lycra etc.can also be processed using low-temperature scouring and bleaching agent GR-F106.Especially in lycra cotton blended fabric pre-treatment,reducing or eliminating the crease mark.
  • Low-temperature scouring and bleaching agent GR-F106 belong to low foaming products,can be used in pretreatment of overflow.
  • After treating don’t need hot water to alkaline and deoxidation,saving a number of processes and use of water.

Technical specifications

 Appearance  white flowing solid
 Ionicity  nonionic
 Solubility  soluble in water
 Environmental protection  don’t include any of the APEO,AOX,etc.prohibited ingredients

Application method and dosage

  • Low temperature scouring and bleaching agents GR-F106 in low temperature gentle react,to remove all kinds of fibers.
  • For each factory for knitting require different whiteness,recommended dosage in 3-5g/l
  • White degree requirements are different,but by adjusting the dosage to achieve the required effect.
  • Whole pretreatment implementation of energy-saving,environmental protection,high efficiency,low cost effect,and can significantly improve the style and quality of products,to improve the feel,improve strength and reduce the rate of weight loss.

Technological process
  1. Knitting, towel yarn process

      1)Low temperature scouring and bleaching agents GR-F106   3- 5g/L  PH=11    70--80℃    30--45min
      2)Without hot water,without reducing,especially white fabric treatment bath can be added to hydrogen peroxide.
      3)Saving pretreatment time,improve production efficiency,while saving energy.

  2. Cold pad-batch process

This product can also be used for cotton, linen and blended fabrics treated before cold pad technology can fully decompose, emulsifying wax cotton, pectin, cottonseed hulls, bark, just use this product plus anionic surfactant stacked 10- 12 hours to complete, with high efficiency, high quality, low cost, high demand for whiteness products can also be carried out with the bath piled add hydrogen peroxide, is cotton and flax, cotton / spandex, cotton / nylon / spandex, best aids corduroy, cotton cloth in the thick, high-density, such as pre-treatment of the fabric. Pre-treatment of cotton fabrics can be used steam from the original 3-5 tons, down to about 1.5 tons, saving 35-45% of steam pre-treatment, pre-treatment can significantly reduce the overall cost.

Recommended process

30℃---- rolling two dip two stacked (playing volume or drop cloth can be) --- washing
GR-F106:          15--20g / L (thick fabric category increased to 30g / L)
Penetrant:            2--4 g / L (non-ionic or anionic available)
Rolling over rate:    90--100%
Batching time:        10--12 hours (special varieties may be extended)

A brief description of the security technology

  1. The product does not contain ingredients must be declared, according to the relevant regulations, the products do not have identification.
  2. Shall operate on labor protection requirements, such as contact with skin, wash immediately with water and soap, such as contact with eyes, rinse with water or saline 15 minutes after medical treatment, if ingested, seek immediate medical attention.
  3. Non-flammable product, if there is a fire extinguishing media for all, according to the fire, do not rule out the formation of harmful substances.
  4. Non-dangerous goods, according to general chemical transport.
  5. It should be stored in a standard warehouse, keep the container or package tightly.
  6. National regulations, this product without any legal restrictions or requirements.

Packaging and storage

  1. Packing: 25KG bags.
  2. Storage: stored in a sealed state, the storage period of three months at room temperature, anti-exposure, freezing.
  3. Transportation: a non-dangerous goods, according to non-dangerous goods transport.
  4. After use, the packaging should be sealed to prevent moisture deterioration