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Papermaking special amylase GR-M203
Product description:

Papermaking special amylase GR-M203

Product brief introduction:

Starch, a high polymeric carbohydrate is a mixture of two polysaccharide, such as amylose and amylopectin. Special amylase enzyme can change the internal structure of starch, which will decrease the starch viscosity, thereby meeting the requirement in papermaking process.
GR-M203 is mainly used in the pulp and paper making industry (paperboard, culture paper, etc).

Working mechanism:

The function of dedicated amylase is equal to starch modifying agent. With unique advantages, it is applicable to various kinds of paper pulp. The surface sizing agent for paper now is usually oxidized starch. The main disadvantages of traditional method of modifying oxidized-starch such as high cost, difficulties in controlling oxidation degree and environment pollution among others, can be easily conquered by enzyme starch modifying technics. Dedicated amylase roles with starch is a process of biological variability. When the temperature reaches gelatinization temperature, starch slurry began to be sticky, the viscosity of starch slurry decreases rapidly after the function of dedicated amylase, heating to 95℃ when reaches certain viscosity and the dedicated amylase be out of action, then viscosity can be kept stable and unchanging. Its biggest advantage is viscosity value can be adjusted according to production requirements, and the viscosity stable, which has unparalleled flexibility against modified starch.

Product advantages:

  1. The benefits of using GR-M203 for modifying original starch are easier operation technics, no pollution, no corrosivity without change PH value and subsequent production.
  2. Steady increase physical indicator. Starch slurry produced by original starch plus dedicated amylase has multielement modified function, with strong cohesive force, which enhance binding force between fibers, improve physical strength of pulp, increase hard fold, brisement meanwhile improve sizing effect, enhance paper smoothness and surface strength, reduce surface linting, improve paper printing performance.
  3. Easy to operate and use, which can replace other viscosity reducer completely.
  4. Using dedicated amylase, reaching high concentration but low viscosity, increase amount of glue hanging, decrease pulp consumption to reduce costs.

Use instructions:

  1. Adding time: add weighed dedicated amylase to brewed pot after original starch dissolved in brewed pot ( before heating gelatinization).
  2. Gelatinization time: from heating to gelatinization finished (95℃) 25-30 minutes, keep temperature for 20 minutes, then cooling to 60-70℃(spend on manufacturers requirements).
  3. Dosage of conversion agent:
    Batch:    GR-M203A (liquid)  : 100-150ml/t starch
    GR-M203B (solid) : 100-150g/t starch
    Continuous system: GR-M203A(liquid) : 200-300ml/t starch
  4. Specific dosage should be determined by laboratory testing viscosity according to manufacturers requirements.

Storage conditions:

Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight for 3 months under normal temperature(25℃).


The product is non-toxic. However, unnecessary contact with the product should be avoided. Long term exposure to products may sensitize certain individuals to the product. Wash hands with warm water, toilet soap contacting with products. Keep out of reach of children.