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Flax degumming enzyme
Product description:

Flax degumming enzyme


    Flax degumming enzyme GR-M110 is a compound enzyme, developed by our company, mainly by alkaline pectinase, includes varieties of hemicellulase components. Main ingredients includes: polygalacturonic acid lyase, pectin lyase, polygalacturonic acid hydrolase, pectin hydrolase, pectin esterase, xylanase, glucanase and so on. By synergistic effects of various component enzymes, decomposed and partial removed pectin, lignin and other hemicellulose impurity, commensal. So that can effectively remove flax fiber, reach spinnability requirements.

Flax (scutched line) degumming process

Chemical component of flax roughly is: 61% cellulose, 17% hemicellulose, 9% lignin, 3.6% pectin substance, 5.7% hydrotrope, 1.7% waxiness, 2% ash content. Linen fabric processed by traditional way before printing and dyeing pretreatment, technology mostly adopt high temperature with concentrated alkaline and sodium hypochlorite to bleach, even with both cooking both bleaching or more boiling more bleaching to remove hemp skin. It will cause hemp skin on bleaching cloth and light color cloth can not be overspread or hemp skin can’t be colored and other defects due to the removal ungodliness of hemp skin, meanwhile produce definite harm to equipments and operators. Based on above reasons, the bio-enzyme degumming of flax before spinning has great significance.

Technological process

Enzyme liquid configuration---add flax---steeping---flog flax---dehydration---shake flax---drying (or airing)

  One. Technological conditions:

  • Flax degumming:   3--4% (meaning per 500 kg flax using 20 kg degumming enzyme)
  • PH:               9   (PH value must be controlled strictly)
  • Bath rate:          1: 10 (meaning per 500 kg flax using water 5 sides)
  • Temperature:       > 20 °C
  • Time:              20--24 hours
  1. Take advantage of plant existing degumming pool, add water to 2/3 of pool.
  2. Adjust PH value to 9 using alkaline, meanwhile circulate completely with circulating pump.
  3. Add flax degumming enzyme after adjusting PH value, begin to add flax after circulating be uniformly, and make flax steeping in the enzyme liquid absolutely.
    ( Note: add degumming enzyme must be after adjusting PH to 9 and circulating well)

  Two. Soaking 

  1. Adjust soaking time appropriately based on heat preservation condition, it can be reached degumming effect by properly extend soaking time when the thermal insulation condition is a little worse.
  2. Generally judge if degumming reach effect according to experience, fish up soaked flax from pool, grind lightly with thumb and index finger, if fiber is quite loose, and finger feels a bit tacky, it state that pectin substance has been resolved well. (pectin substance has been resolved to substance like polysaccharides)

  Three. Knock flax

  1. Number of turns knocking flax can be intended to be 8 turns, which is meaning turn in knocking flax machine at least 8 turns.
  2. It must knock with flip without stop when knock hemp, to ensure uniform.
  3. To judge knocking hemp is qualified, the method if via view separability of fibrilia, after dehydration, shake hemp, it can reveal white fibrilia.
  4. Degummed hemp can’t be air drying before knocking hemp, once air drying, carbohydrate adhere to fibrilia which is not easy to wash off totally.

  Four. Dehydration

  Five. Shake flax

  Remove smash hemp stem in flax by shaking of shake hemp machine, at the same time, loose fibrilia, which is convenient for latter separation of fibrilia, please note when shaking flax:

  1. Can’t add too much flax to shaking hemp machine one time, smash hemp stem can’t be removed completely if add too much at a time.
  2. Shake smash hemp stem out as far as possible.
  3. Exam quality of flax frequently when shaking flax, observe if fibrilia be separated already.

  Six. Continue use of degumming enzyme liquid

  Enzyme is a bio-catalyst, the rest of enzyme liquid still remain a part of biological activity after soaking enzyme. Through test examination, use rest enzyme liquid, add 50% new enzyme liquid of first time dosage, can completely reach degumming effect as first time new enzyme liquid. The specific practice is as follows:

  1. Add water to first used enzyme liquid, and adjust PH to 9 when adding water, and absolutely circulate, then continue add 50% dosage degumming enzyme, ( which is meaning dispose per 500 kg flax, continue adding 10 kg degumming enzyme).
  2. The degumming effect has no great difference compared with new enzyme liquid when enzyme liquid recycled one time, but great difference with second recycle. The reason is that there are too much resolved carbohydrate and other impurity accumulated in effluent, which restrict enzyme affect, thereby influence degumming effect, as a result, degumming enzyme reused one time can not be used for third time.